About Freedom Home Care

My name is Ron King and I am the owner and founder of Freedom Home Care. I was inspired to start this company because of a long standing (twelve year) friendship. My friend will be turning ninety years old in January 2014. She is an extremely independent woman; she lives alone and is able to be independent in 95% of her daily living.

She stopped driving over 15 years ago and no longer feels safe taking the bus. So I drive her wherever she needs to go. I assist her with grocery shopping and doctors appointments. I also help her by doing chores around the house.

In a nut shell, I realized she is not unique in her desire to live in her own house and the strength of her commitment to hold onto her independence. Millions of adults are facing similar situations, tens of thousands just in our own state, several hundred in our smaller communities. I'm sure you have a friend or family member who is in a similar situation.

I know in our ever changing world, our families are spread all over the country. Children live in different states, siblings may be in similar situations and finding support to help may be difficult and frustrating at best.

I created this company to bring services to our clients which support their effort in maintaining their desired level of Independence .

Mission Statement

"We provide safe, reliable service to senior citizens and others, supporting them in achieving and maintaining their desired level of independence."