Non Disclosure Agreements

I get asked daily, how do I find out if my idea has any merit without disclosing the product for fear that someone will steal the idea?  Every would be entrepreneur needs to protect themselves with what is call a Confidentiality Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreement.   A non disclosure agreement is usually between a person such as an entrepreneur soliciting input on the idea from an outside party without fear that the other party will reveal the idea to someone else.  A new employee working for a high tech company that has privileged information about technology is usually asked to sign a non disclosure and it can be for X number of years. Independent contractors sign Non Disclosure Agreements with employers to ensure that proprietary information will not be leaked outside the premises. The Agreement is legally binding and should be stated as such.

The Agreement simply states that I am revealing to you a new idea, product, concept or service that I or my company think has money making potential and I would like your input to determine if I do have a potential money making idea.

There are many sites that offer free Non disclosure Agreements and you can customize them to fit your specific requirements.  Legal Contracts is a good site that offers free printing of Non disclosures.