The Monkey Theory

In most instances, any good idea whether it was the Hula Hoop, or a major scientific breakthrough, the idea or a derivative, is either being thought of, been thought of or is being developed at the present time. National Geographic ran a television special and wrote an article on this process and it was entitled “THE MONKEY THEORY.” The Monkey Theory chronicles the learning process and telepathic affects of how monkeys learned to feed themselves when there was thought to be no forgeable food available through a chain of islands just north of Japan.

The Japanese government, in an attempt to keep the monkey’s from starvation were air lifting food to the islands in order to keep the monkeys alive because there was not enough food to sustain life without mans intervention. Weekly, food was dropped on many of the islands to keep the monkeys alive but it was costly and making the monkeys dependent on man for existence and not foraging for the food that was available. It was noted and researched that a species of fruit tree grew a nut with a hard shell and if opened, the fruit had all of the nutrients necessary to give the monkey population food for the year without mans intervention.

All well and good that there is a nut that will sustain life but how do you make a monkey eat this nut like fruit that has been on the islands for centuries and never before eaten by the monkey? Monkey specialists were brought in to analyze the eating habits of the monkey and to determine if it might be possible to train the monkey to identify the tree and subsequently harvest and eat the fruit to sustain life without mans intervention. It seemed possible, so funding was granted and an island was picked that was 50 miles from the nearest next inhabited monkey island. This is key in giving validity to the theory.

business monkey theory

It so happens that females are the only monkeys that can be trained and of the females, the eldest passes on the foraging techniques to the other females and they then bring food to the rest of the clan. The eldest females were isolated and the training lasted for several months or until the females were harvesting the fruit successful for sustaining life without mans intervention. When the pilot program was completed, the environmentalist group was going to travel to the other monkey inhabited islands and duplicate the process until all were trained in this new foraging process.

Since no monkey had ever eaten the fruit from this tree and the next nearest island was 50 miles away, there is no way that only of the other monkeys could have known of the new foraging process. When the environmentalists arrived at the other islands, the monkeys had discovered the process and were successfully foraging and sustaining life without mans intervention.

This story is analogous with the development of a fad or almost any kind of product or service where new technology moves forward. Ideas, thought processes, telepathy or whatever you want to call it leaves very few products unique for very long and therefore there is a limited Window of Opportunity for any idea. Time after time the U. S. Patent Department refuses patents on products and technology that the individual applying for the patent believes is brand new only to find out that a patent exists and was applied for yesterday or ten years ago.

The Monkey Theory points out the theory that as new ideas or technologies are evolving, so is the mind and with so many minds thinking about so many ideas, it is possible that your idea is being thought of or being developed at the very time you are thinking the thought.